• Hall of Fame Application


    The highest honor that can be bestowed upon a graduate of Madison Central High School is to be selected to the Hall of Fame. Many are eligible, but few are chosen. Those who will be honored must have a grade point average of 90 or above, a good attitude, a cooperative spirit, and high moral character. The students who will be selected must have been active in co-curricular and extracurricular activities and have made a positive contribution to Madison Central High School. To be considered for this honor, please give as much information as possible.



    Eligibility Requirements:

    1.  Students must have attended Madison Central their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

    2.  No more than 5% of the senior class will be accepted into the Hall of Fame.

    3.  Students will be selected by a school staff committee. The following criteria may be used: applications, attendance records, discipline records, academic records, and teacher recommendations. The committee decisions are final.

    4.  Membership status and awards documented by the applicant will be verified by the teacher or sponsor assigned to the organization.

    5.  Students must not have failed any subject during their sophomore, junior, or senior years.

    6.  Students may not have had an out of school suspension during their high school years, nor may students have engaged in any action that does not exemplify good behavior.

    7.  The online survey components must be submitted by February 28th at 3:45 pm.  There are no extensions to the deadline.  Any questions regarding the application process should be directed to Mrs. Portera.


    Application Process

    You will need to complete the Hall of Fame School Involvement Survey and its components found by clicking the link on the website. The deadline to complete this survey is February 28th at 3:45 PM. To complete this survey, you will need to register and signin to the school website. (Email cogletree@madison-schools.com if you have problems with signing in to the school website) The survey will offer a list of clubs, teams, and activities. If you participated in these clubs during your sophomore, junior, or senior year, select Member, Active Member, or Officer in the drop-down menu for each activity and year that applies. The information you provide will be verified by the activity’s sponsoring teacher.

    Once the application deadline has passed, candidate names will be submitted to all teachers for review and recommendations.

    The Hall of Fame faculty committee will meet to consider all candidates, taking into account academic records, attendance records, discipline records, and information gathered during the application process.

    The names of those selected to be inducted into the 2020 Hall of Fame will be announced on Class Day. 

    By completing the Hall of Fame (School Involvement) Survey, you are certifying that you are eligible to apply for the 2020 Hall of Fame based on the eligibility requirements set forth above. You also understand that school records may be accessed as a part of the selection process.