• Introduction to Business Law

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    Course Description

    Business Law provides the basic foundations of law as it relates to business. The origin of the law, ethics, the structure of the court systems, procedural and employment law, and legislation that applies real and personal property are all studied within this course. Business Law will equip the student with a working knowledge of the law as it is applied to various legal situations that are encountered in personal and business situations.


    Content Strands

    Accounting, Business Law, Career Development, Communication, Computation, Economics

    and Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, International Business,

    Management, Marketing


    Course Objectives

    1. Investigate the evolution of law and determine the need of laws.
    2. Distinguish between ethical and unethical behavior.
    3. Interpret structures of court systems.
    4. Differentiate between procedural and substantive law.
    5. Examine the principals of agency and employment law.
    6. Distinguish between real and personal property.
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  • Lesson Plans

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    Check canvas for all upcoming events, assignments, and notes.
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