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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  •  The weather's going to be good! Let's go to the FAIR!

    Please use the following code to join our class Remind101 page 



    This year, in conjunction with our Theme Park and Roller Coaster unit, we will be taking our 6thgrade PAthways students to the Mississippi State Fair.  This will give our students an exciting opportunity to experience Newton’s Laws of Motion in action.


    *Excerpt from Mississippi State Fair Statewide Field Trip information sheet



    Through a special partnership between THE MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
    and the MISSISSIPPI STATE FAIR, teachers from all over the state may take advantage
    of a special morning just for students! On Friday October 11, the Mississippi State Fair will open its gates 4 HOURS EARLY at 9am ONLY for teachers and students around the state.

    Admission to the Fair is $5 and unlimited rides from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. will be offered for $10. Teachers are admitted for free. School Bus parking is free. Chaperones will be offered the same $5 admission and the same $10 unlimited ride wristband.

    Students, Teachers, and Chaperones may pack a lunch and bring with them or purchase food from vendors at the fair.


    TIME: We will leave the school at 8:30 and should return to campus no later than 1:45


    COST:I will use Pathways funds to cover the cost of each student’s $5 entry to the fair. If your child would like to purchase an unlimited ride wristband, please send $10 cashby 9/12. This way I can purchase the wristbands ahead of time to avoid lines.

    You may send additional money with your child the day of the event to cover games and/or snacks.


    LUNCH: You may send your child with a sack lunch or they may purchase food at the fair. The vendors should open around 11AM.


    CHAPERONES: If you would like to chaperone this trip please complete the information on the second sheet. You will need to send your $5 cash feewith your child’s permission form. If you would like an unlimited ride wristband bracelet, please send that money as well. You will meet us at the fairgrounds the day of the event.





    I give ________________________________________ permission to attend the Pathways Field Trip to the Mississippi State Fair on Friday, October 11th.


    Parent Signature _________________________________


    Printed Parent Name_______________________________

    Email _________________________________________

    Phone Number ___________________________________


    Please check the appropriate blanks:

    ____ My child will bring a sack lunch from home. 

    ____ My child will buy food at the fair.

    ____ I am unable to chaperone.

    ____ I am sending $10 cash for my child’s wristband

    ____ I would like to chaperone this trip and am sending $5 cash for my admission fee.

    ____ I would like to chaperone this trip and am sending $15 cash for my admission fee and wristband.

    ____ I would like to chaperone this trip and am sending $25 cash for my admission fee, and the cost of wristbands for myself and my child.


    Outcomes and Standards

    Meeting the needs of the intellectually gifted learner requires differential treatments both in curriculum and in instructional patterns of delivery. Because the intellectually gifted learner has special needs in both cognitive and affective areas, the curriculum focuses on both these areas. In working with both the Mississippi Department of Education's Suggested Outcomes for Intellectually Gifted; The Mississippi Gifted Education Programs Program Standards; and the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children's Recommended Curricular Elements, the PAthways Program will implement the following framework:









    "PAthways" is Madison County School District's program for intellectually gifted students in grades 2-8. It is a state-mandated program which provides a differentiated curriculum to those students identified as intellectually gifted. Students attend PAthways for a minimum of five hours each week. Middle school students who qualify may select PAthways as an elective.


    Program Goals

    To provide students with those activities which emphasize the process of learning rather than content; divergent thinking rather than convergent; exploration of ideas through creative problem solving; and reasoning skills To provide students with a diversity of learning experiences, including instructional methods, materials, and activities To provide opportunities for the students to grow in their understanding of themselves and others.


    Classroom Supplies

    Students will need a composition notebook to keep in the classroom. They should always have a pencil and paper with them.


    Supply Wish List:

    ----paper towels

    ----hot glue sticks

    ----Antibacterial wipes



    ----white and colored cardstock

    ----paint brushes (1in or larger) and small rollers

    Magazines and Bottle Caps


    PA Fee

    There is $20 PA fee each year. There is also a $15 t-shirt Fee. You may put these amounts together unless your child is not interested in getting a shirt. Please make the check payable to GMS PA.



    PA is a graded class in middle school. Depending on our projects, I will enter a minimum of two grade per week.  


    Behavior Expectations

    Be prepared for class each day.

    Participate in all assignments.Lessons are designed to build your skills and to meet the expected gifted outcomes.

    Have a positive attitude.

    Get along with others.

    Do not interrupt the teacher or your peers.

    Sit! You will be allowed to move about some, but please stay seated until it is appropriate to move about.

    Control your volume. You will usually be allowed to talk in PA, but you must be considerate of other classes.

    Bullying will not be tolerated

    Practice your emotional and social growth skills daily.

    We write. We read. We research. We use technology. We question. We think. We practice. We create. We do!



    1 - Verbal Warning

    2 - Minor Form Warning

    3 - 3 Minor forms = 1 Major Form and Office Referral - Become ineligible to attend PBIS events or off-campus trips.