• Advanced Band Charms Assignments

    Posted by Jim Peacock on 7/19/2019


    Advanced Band Objectives


    Second Grading Period: 2nd 9 Weeks


    The objective pass off standard is to perform with characteristic tone quality, correct notes, rhythms, dynamics, phrasing, and intonation. Minor flaws, if any, did not detract from the overall performance. Preparation is evident.


    1. ________ *C Studies: Scale           _____ (October 26th)

                                                      Thirds        _____

                                                     Intervals     _____


    1. ________ *A Flat Studies: Scale _____ (November 1st)

                                                  Thirds        _____

                                                 Intervals     _____


    1. ________ All-State: Play Scales - C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db (November 15th)



    1. ________ All-State: Play All State Assignment: Play Etude A (Play All) (December 6th)



    1. ________ Number measures for the following pieces: The Klaxon, Kind and Gentle, Viva!, Three Ayres (December 13th)





    1. ________ *F Tuning 5ths Check (with a Partner)


    1. ________ *Zero Block Studies #2 - (Nov 30th)


    1. ________ Music Selections (to be determined in each Zero Block)



    Students should make time in their practice routines to work on these objectives every day.

    Objectives notated by * are requirements for the end of the year Outstanding Achievement Award.

    Be sure to retest any previous objectives that were not passed off.


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