• Stage Crew

    Teacher: Ms. Melton

    grades 9-12

    Stage Crew interviews are held through the Choral Department in May every year. Stage Crew is a part of every show choir group and produces the all school musicals.


    A component of Visual Arts III is designed to acquaint students with the basic backstage skills required to plan and produce scenery, lighting, and sound for the theatre. We will concentrate primarily on scenic construction techniques, but we will also discuss topics in lighting, sound, stage direction and other theatrical properties. The course is based on hands-on work in the “scene shop” plus in-class discussions and projects based on assigned readings from the texts. After school work is required.
    Musical/Show Choir set design and construction is the primary focus of this class. The crew is a team and requires commitment as all successful teams require.
    Students who audition to be a Crew member are automatically enrolled into this class provided they are accepted.
    All documents are on canvas.