• Spirit Cart

    Each month, our PTO hosts Spirit Cart, which is an opportunity for students to purchase spirit items, school supplies and snacks. This year, Spirit Cart will generally fall on the last Friday of the month. Students are allowed to visit our Spirit Cart tables following their lunchtime, and there is a $10 maximum for spending, unless purchasing a t-shirt, which costs $15. All of the proceeds benefit our PTO.

    Here are a few of the items that will be offered this year: 

    50-CENT TABLE:
    Laffy Taffy (2 for 50 cents), Cheez-Its, Airheads, variety chips, ring pops, mechanical pencils, refill lead, erasers, sports pencil sharpeners and Capri-Suns 

    $1 TABLE:
    Sour Xtremes, Nerd Ropes, variety candy bars, pickle pouches, variety bracelets, sports wristlets, paddleballs, boomerrangs

    $2 TABLE:
    Ridgeland Titan decal stickers

    $4 TABLE:
    Titan shades

    HES Titan T-shirts may be purchased for $15 during Spirit Cart.