PURPOSE: To band together students involved in or interested in the study of Hispanic cultures, customs and language. To promote an appreciation for Hispanic cultures on campus.

    ARTICLE I. Name of Organization - Spanish Club

    ARTICLE II. Purpose - Stated above.

    ARTICLE III. Memberships - Club is open to any interested student that is currently enrolled in Spanish or have taken Spanish in the past.

    ARTICLE IV. Officers - President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

    ARTICLE V. Duties and Powers of Officers - President - to answer and direct activities and to preside over meetings. Vice President - to work in unison with the President and to plan fund raising functions. Treasurer - to be put in charge of the club's finances including monies received from fund making projects and dues. Secretary - to keep a legible record of all meetings and transactions of the club.

    ARTICLE VI. Elections - To be held yearly, early in the fall semester.

    ARTICLE VII. Attendance- Students must complete 25 hours of service. Being present at meeting will count towards this total.

    ARTICLE VIII. Impeachment and Removal of Officers - By 3/4 club membership in secret ballot.

    ARTICLE X. Amendments - Upon completion of above, these may be added by at least 1/2 membership.