• Ceramics II


    Mary M. Ainsworth

    Madison Central High School


    Brief Course Description:

    The course provides opportunities for advanced work with clay. The majority of the assignments focus on further development hand building skills and learning throwing skills on the potter’s wheel. Additional assignments may include additive or reductive sculpture.


    -To use the working vocabulary of ceramics comfortably.

    -To develop and improve sculpture skills.

    -To be able to center, throw off the hump, to throw sets, lidded vessels, combined forms, and altered forms.

    -To utilize prior experiences in the formulation of new artistic statements.

    -To become aware of the active role art plays in a person’s life.

    Topics Covered:

    -Introduction to the potter’s wheel and how to center clay on the wheel.

    - How to create:


                -Sets (bowls, plates, cups, goblets)

                -Pots with lids

                -Combined forms


                -Altered forms


                -Hand Built Sculptures

    -Glazing: The function of glazes and how they are made up... simple glaze testing... proper application, health and safety.

    -The main emphasis will be on your work, your growth in the medium, your ability to create expressive, unified and cohesive three dimensional forms in clay.

    -Aesthetics in ceramics.

    -Vocabulary in ceramics


    There is a mandatory $30 materials fee for this class. If you do not pay this materials fee you will not be given clay and will have to do alternate assignments.

    You will need to bring three rolls of paper towels.

    You will need certain items in class everyday such as:

                Sketchbook (Spiral is less likely to fall apart)


                An apron or shirt (Ceramics can be very messy at times)




    -Creativity, craftsmanship, composition, effort, and following instructions of all work.

    -Progress and completion of studio work.

    -Quizzes and/or homework assignments.

    Grades are on a percentage which is as follows:

    34%- Daily- participation, do-now’s, care of art materials, and being prepared.

    66%- Test- projects, homework, art journal/sketchbook, critiques, and various assignments.

    20%- Overall Written final exam. Exemptions will follow MCHS handbook.


    Grading Scale

     A…….90-100             D……65-69

    B…….80-89             F……0-64



    Classroom procedures:


    All rules in the MCHS handbook apply in this classroom!


    Pay close attention to:

                -Dress Code

    Use the art room with care!!!

                -Clean up before you leave.

    -Make sure all tools are put back in their designated place before leaving the   classroom.

                -Make sure your work area is neat and clean before you leave the classroom.

                         ***This can count against you if it is not done daily***

                -It the artwork does not belong to you PLEASE do not touch it!

                -If you need to leave the classroom for any reason you MUST have a hall pass


    Art Journal/Sketchbook Assignments

                -Do Now’s

                -Artist Studies


                -Thumbnail Sketches

                -Daily Drawings

                -Various Assignments