Freshman Focus is a fun and interesting class at Rosa Scott. It will introduce students to the 16 different careers. Hopefully, this will help students decide what career path to take later in life. Along with studying the different careers, we will also integrate speakers and field trips. The Reality Fair will serve as an additional resource to the students. This is an exciting class for me to teach and the students really enjoy it!

    "Freshman Focus has taught me about handling money, college opportunities and career pathways."  ~Bezal 

    "Freshman Focus was by far my favorite class at Rosa Scott." ~Abraham 

    "Freshman Focus helps you in pursuing whatever career you want to go into; or if you don't know, it helps you find it." ~Reagan 

    "In Freshman Focus, I most enjoyed the projects because it gave me a better perspective on all the different jobs." ~Haley  

    "Even though I'm not 100% sure about what I want to be when I grow up, I know what direction I need to take to get there. "~Gabby

     "Freshman Focus is a great way to learn about new careers." ~Logan 

    "It was my favorite class because Mrs. Stewart is so nice and she's my favorite teacher." ~Ashton 

    "I really enjoyed all of the projects we did this year because it gave me background information on all of the careers." ~Brandon
    "Freshman Focus was one of my favorite classes and it gave me a really great outlook of possible future careers." ~Ellen
    "Freshman Focus helped me to realize I need to start taking steps towards my career of choice.  The classes I'm taking now need to prepare me for my future in college." ~ John Martin