• Please check Canvas!

    Posted by Shelby Jo Martin on 3/22/2020

    Hey everyone! 

    For the foreseeable future we'll be learning together via Canvas. Your student knows how to access their work here & you got an email of how to "follow" their classes so you can help them make a schedule for their weekly assignments. I have tried to pace out our work every week like we would in class (plus a little extra time). Our whole chapter is open, but I have dates set for each page/activity so as to not overwhelm you with information. We will be making changes as we need to throughout this new process. 

    Starting tomorrow morning, I will host "conference times" that I will begin at 10:30-11 (Aday 7th Graders), 11-11:30 (Bday 7th Graders) & 11:30-12 (ALL 6th Graders). These conferences will be OPTIONAL. I will initiate the start times & then you'll be able to join through Canvas if you want to/can each week. Tomorrow I'll just be explaining the basics of this new course & my expectations. You do not have to have your camera up tomorrow morning or ever, & all conversations will be recorded for security purposes. I am taking questions via email to answer during our conference tomorrow.

    Please email me if you have any questions/issues as we work through this new learning experience together. 

    Thanks for your patience & grace in advance!! 

    Mrs. Martin


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  • End of 1st Semester

    Posted by Shelby Jo Martin on 12/12/2019

    Hello all, every grade is up to date- please let me know if you see any mistakes on my part ASAP! We are in full-on review mode to prepare for exams next week! Please read the information regarding your child's class below. 


    6th grade: 

    We are testing- like a normal test- on Ch. 8&9- Ancient China! Your child has all the notes needed as of today & should be finishing their study guide at home. I will check these in class as they complete them & they will be able to make flash cards for extra points/to review. We will play kahoot next week to review. The kahoot will be posted by tomorrow on Canvas. 


    7th grade: 

    Our exam will cover ALL of the information from August until now. We are filling out our Exam study guides in class. Your student will bring these home tomorrow (A-day) & Monday (B-day). If they aren't complete by this time, they will not receive a 100 test grade. We have spent 3 hours of class time on them already. I have checked several students' work & most are working right on pace. Your child is able to come to my room during P.E. (any elective that will allow it really) or before school from 7:50-8:20 without an appointment. I just want these to be done so everyone can do their best. :) After all units have been checked (by me in class) your student will be able to make flash cards for +10 on their exam. The exam is 20% of their semester average (T1= 40% & T2= 40%). If they don't need all 10 of the points on their exam grade I will put the points onto test grades throughout Term 2 OR bank them for Term 3. The kahoot will be up for review on Canvas tomorrow. Please make sure your child is preparing for this exam as it is their first true "exam". Thanks for all your help in making this a great first semester. 

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  • Lately

    Posted by Shelby Jo Martin on 9/11/2019

    Hello all, 

    I just wanted to let you know that the MOST current grade for your student is available to be viewed on Active Student/Parent by the end of the day tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any quetsions. 


    6th Grade:

    We have finished Chapters 1-3 (we had our quiz today/ Bday's is tomorrow). This is JUST a quiz grade even though it says "test". We are moving on next to Ch. 4- Egypt. It would be of GREAT help if some of you could send in baking soda &/or regular, table salt for a project (I don't want to spoil it here, so I'll just leave it at that). I will post our chapter dates (quizzes & test) as soon as I make those plans. 


    7th Grade: 

    We are working through Unit 2, which is a big unit. We're covering Statehood through the Civil War. We have discussed our many constitutions, vocabulary (our quiz was today/is tomorrow for Bday), our explorer profile sheets should be done, & we've busted myths about the settlements of the Europeans. Our Unit 2 Test will be the 25th-aday/26th-bday!! 

    Lastly, The MS Brochure is due next Thursday (9/19-aday) & Friday (9/20-bday). We began working on these after our Unit 1 test. MOST have finished the rough draft already. If your student has NOT, I need to see that ASAP if they want it to be checked before they finish their final draft. We will have a little bit of time Friday/Monday to work on them, but besides this, they will need to be completed at home to be submitted Thurs/Fri. This is a TEST grade & should HELP your child's average. :)

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