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    Posted by Ashley Rea on 8/15/2018
    *I explained this to the students at the very beginning of the school year, and they all have a copy of this in their binders.
    Electronic Device Do’s and Don’ts

    ·       Don’t get out your device without the teacher’s permission.

    ·       Don’t get on a social media network (facebook, instagram, etc.)

    ·       Don’t call or text without the teacher’s permission.

    ·       Don’t take pictures/video without the permission of the teacher and everyone involved in the picture/video (This will rarely be allowed).

    ·       Do use your device for educational purposes such as reading a book, looking up information, etc. (with teacher’s permission).

    ·       Do make sure that your device is on silent at all times.

    *Disobeying any of these rules can result in a fine to have the cell phone returned and/or the termination of your use of electronic devices for the remainder of the school year.


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