• Dear Parents/Guardians:

    It is with great anticipation that we look towards implementing Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards.  Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards are aligned to the highest international and national standards and have an increased emphasis on the following:
    • Reading more informational and complex texts
    • Writing to justify thinking and reasoning and writing for more authentic purposes
    • Engaging in more problem‐solving and problem‐based learning
    • Making more real‐world, relevant connections
    • Assessing learning at higher‐level

    These standards inform schools of "what" to teach but leave "how" to teach in the hands of our capable teachers.  Your child's classroom will be an even more engaging setting as students are provided with increased opportunities for collaboration, conversation and problem-solving.

    Please review the information gathered below for more information and be sure to check the Students bullet in the left column for websites and activities for your child!