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    Ms. Stacy Baker

    8th Grade Science

    Biology I

    Advanced STEM 




    (601) 859-0376


    If my students remember one thing about me... I hope they remember that I loved them.


    I walk in the door each day because I want your child to succeed!


    If your child has concerns about my class, & I have not contacted you, email me/call the school & leave a message! 


    There are two things that I say to your children EVERYDAY in my classroom...

    1. Everything. Is going. To be. OK!

    2. Your success is my success, & your failure is my failure! 

    (It is important to me that my kids understand my job. My expectations are high, but I intend for every student to reach those expectations.







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    We have a Lab Fee to help offset the cost of the labs we conduct in 8th grade science & Biology. You can send cash or a check with your child or pay online.  Thank you for all you do to make our school & science program exciting and successful!





    Students will need 3 sections in their binder for my class. One labeled Mav Marks; one labeled Notes; and one labeled Reference.  Notebooks should always be well organized because this will serve as their study guide for each unit.  Students are required to take notes in Cornell Method. This skill is taught in class & reinforced all year. Notes are posted in the appropriate section to the left, and students are welcome to print them so that they may have access to pictures, charts, and graphs; however, they MUST take notes in class (in Cornell Method) when we go over them, and they will often be asked to take notes on a unit before we discuss it in class so that prior knowledge is built.  Students should keep up with ALL notes.  DO NOT allow them to throw away their notes when we are finished with a unit.  They will see important concepts throughout the year to be sure that they are mastering the concepts. (Our goal is to build note-taking & study skills in your child that help form a foundation to build upon as needed in high school and/or college.)

    We do our best to provide students with an inquiry based lab per unit.  Most of these count as test grades; therefore, it is important that all labs & lab reports be completed seriously and on time. 



    Hints for a Great School Year:


    • Use your assignment pad--write down EVERYTHING, even if you think you can remember

    • Follow ALL classroom & school rules

    • Review notes NIGHTLY--do not wait until the night before a test

    • Ask for help if you need it


    About the Teacher: I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2001, with a degree in Elementary Education, and I have Secondary certifications in English, General Sciences, Social Studies, & Biology.  I taught for two years, then was blessed with the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom to my children for several years.  I completed my Master's of Education at Belhaven University in 2010, and I am a National Board Certified Teacher. I am VERY excited to begin my eleventh year at Germantown Middle School!