• Welcome to ESL class!        Welcome to your ESL classroom!

    In this class, English Language Learners participate in tons of fun activities and learn about amazing things that happen around the world. You, the students, will get to share stories about your home, family, language, and all the things you love.

    Throughout the year we will continue to work on your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in several ways.

    Together we will: time travel, explore different countries and cultures, read books and articles, play games, complete cool projects, create Power Point Presentations, and more.


    I can tell you with confidence that Madison County schools are the best! Since 2009, I have been involved with this District as a PTO parent, a substitute teacher, an assistant teacher, and now the ESL Teacher for Madison Middle, Germantown Middle, and Germantown High School. 

    Each year my students take a very important English Proficiecy test. This State test is called LAS LINKS; it has four parts, one for each English Language Domain. Please remember that learning a language always involves READING ;-) . Try to set aside some time every day. 

    We usually take it in March-April, with results available by mid-July. The students do not get a grade for the LAS LINKS test, but their results determine whether they stay in the ESL program for the next year. 


    I hold an MA in Teaching and I have been in the Education field for more than 10 years. 

    My husband and I have been married for over 21 years. Our oldest daughter is a theater major at USM, and our youngest daughter is a 9th grader at Rosa Scott in Madison. 

    You are welcome to email me at any time with your questions or concerns at  tgoupalova@madison-schools.com


    I cannot wait to meet you all!


    -Mrs. Tatiana Goupalova