• Week of Jan. 21-24

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 1/21/2020 6:50:00 AM

    Tuesday - Latitude and Longitude Power Point and work material.

    Wednesday - The 5 Themes of World Geography with MR. HELP. Also, a power point on location.

    Thursday - Finishing up Latitude and Longitude.  Starting the Water Cycle with handout and video over the Water Cycle.

    Friday - Longitude and Latitide. Power Point and work material.

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  • Week of Dec. 2nd - 6th.

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 12/1/2019 3:00:00 PM

    B Day  Dec. 2nd.  Finish Imax Film Serengeti and start Mysteries of Egypt (Cont. Study Packet)

    A Day Dec. 3rd. Power Point Notes on Africa. Finish Imax film Serengeti.

    B Day Dec. 4th. Group work - (Individuals from each group will pick a specific issue concerning Africa. They will break into sub grouos to learn about 

                                                 that specific issue amongest themselves.  Each member will then teach their main group about the issue concerning Africa)

    A Day Dec. 5th. Mysteries of Egypt.  Group work will be started along the lines of Dec. 4th.

    B Day Dec. 6th. Group work will be finishing their teaching activities.

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  • Week of Nov. 4th - Nov. 8th

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 11/3/2019 3:00:00 PM
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  • Week of Oct. 28 - Nov.1

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 10/27/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Oct. 28th. (Mondau B Day) Handouts and Videos on several geogrphical areas and places of North America.  Also a look at a specific problem in the Florida Everglades. Finishing North America physical geography map.

    Oct. 29th. (Tuesday A Day) Finish group presentations on the regions of North America and work on North America physical geography map.

    Oct. 30th. (Wednesday B Day) Play a game on the States and Capitals of the United States.

    Oct. 31st. (Thursday A Day) Same lesson as Monday.

    Nov.1st. (Friday B) Study guide for 3rd Unit Test coming next week.

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  • This Week Oct 7 - 11

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 10/10/2019

    Monday - (A Day) Handout on Natural Hazards in the US. Short National Geographic video. 

    Tuesday - (B Day) Same as Monday

    Wednesday - (A Day) Finish handout on Hazards. Short National geographic video. Group up to start student teaching activity.

    Thursday - (B Day) Same as Wednesday

    Friday - (A Day) Continue with student teaching activity.

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  • Week of September 23-27

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 9/22/2019 12:15:00 PM

    Sept. 23 Monday (A Day)  Lesson on population and society.  National Geographic video on population. Reasons for population growth and a look at World O-Meter.

    Sept.24 Tuesday (B Day) Continued lesson on population growth and density.  Math problems using population density formula.  A look at the World O-Meter.  Also, a look at world trade in relationship to the USA.

    Sept. 25 Wednesday (A Day) Same lesson as on Tuesday.

    Sept. 26 Thursday (B Day) Study guide for upcoming test.

    Sept. 27 Friday (A Day) Study guide for upcoming test.

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  • Week of September 16-20

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 9/14/2019 11:10:00 AM

    Monday Sept. 16.  (B-Day) . Lesson on Culture and the its 7 Categories (Power Point Activity) This will also include a closer in depth look at several of the categories and their items. (Short Video ABC News)

    Tuesday Sept. 17  (A Day) -  Same lesson as Sept.17th with an addition to listing cultural items.

    Wednesday  Sept. 18 (B-Day) - Lesson on The World's Population, which will include math equations dealing with population density. (World O'meter will be examined with this lesson.) A short video presentation will accompany lesson.  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ON WORLD POPULATION.

    Thursday  Sept. 19.  (A-Day) - Same lesson as Wednesday.

    Friday  Sept. 20.  (B-Day) - A game dealing with cultural phrases will be utilized to look at cultures that may speak the same language, but have different linguistic word usage.

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  • September 3 - 6

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 9/2/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Sept. 3 (A Day) Tuesday - Study guide for 1st Unit Test (Group Work)

    Sept. 4 (B Day) Wednesday - Unit 1 Test

    Sept. 5 (A Day) Thursday - Unit 1 Test

    Sept. 6 (B Day) Friday - New Unit (Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics) Handout and Video Bill Nye - Plate Tectonics

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  • Week of August 26 - 30

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 8/25/2019

    Monday - B Day (August 26th) - Reviewing the Latitude and Longitude Assignment.  In class assignment creating a diagram of the Water Cycle.

    Tuesday-  A Day (August 27th) - Same instruction and lesson as August 26th.

    Wednesday - B ( Day August 28th) - Continuing and finishing the Water Cycle assignment.  Finishing geography vocabulary.

    Thursday -  A Day (Thursday 29) - Same instructions and lesson as August 28th.

    Friday - B Day (Friday 30) - Group Work (A study guide will be given in preparation for our first summative test.)

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  • Class Schedule of Activities

    Posted by Charles Houghton on 8/17/2019 10:00:00 PM

    Monday - August 19 (A DAY)

    Video (Why Studying World Geography is Important) Follow up questions for class discussion.  Introduction to the 5 Themes of World Geography.

    Tuesday - August 20  (B Day)

    Power Point on maps and their usefulness. Class discussion on types of maps and map properties. This will be followed by a short presentation on hemispheres including longitude and latitude. The students will work on finding different longitudes and latitudes to pin point absolute locations from around the world.

    Wednesday - August 21  (A Day)

    The lesson for the day will follow the previous day's format.

    Thursday - August 22  (B Day)

    Review of longitude and latitude.  Handout about the hydrologic cycle.  Class readings and discussion about the hydrologic cycle.  (Video about the hydrologic cycle will be viewed.) Students will start on a small in class project about the hydrologic cycle.

    Friday - August 23 (A Day)

    The lesson will follow the previous day's format.


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