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Mrs. Oglesby

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Hi, Everyone!


So I had a lot of emails last week concerning your canvas graded work.  I am really sorry for all of the confusion!! Remember, I am still learning how to enter assignments into canvas, so please be patient through my mistakes.  

None of your notes should have been a graded assignment.  I didn't know how to assign it without the points.  I think I have that figured out, but please do not worry about getting wrong answers because you did not put commas between words or you wrote "4" instead of "four".  I promise I am looking for COMPLETION on your notes!!

If it is a Lesson Review Quiz, I do want to consider those for a grade, but I know I set some of it up incorrectly; so again, don't worry.

This week I tried something different - I allowed up to three attempts and it should only give your highest score.  Let's see if that works better for us.

Thank you to everyone who emailed and to those who joined me on our Zero Block Conference! I enjoyed the conference! I hope more of you will join us next time because I really do miss seeing you all!

One more thing!!!!  You need LOGIN information for BrainPop! I put it on my weekly website and on all of the BrainPop assignments, but incase you still didn't see it, here it is:

Username: germantownmiddle

Password: mavericks1


Mrs. Oglesby