Mr. Griffin



Hello! I am Kelvin Griffin, and I am entering my fifth year as the lead principal of Northeast Madison Middle School (NMMS). I am very excited about the challenges that lie ahead the 2013/2014 school term. As I look over the past four years, we have made consistent academic gains at NMMS. We have experienced a twenty-seven point QDI (Quality of Distribution Index) gain, and have gone from year two of Academic Watch to Successful status with a QDI in the High Performing range. Over the course of the past four years, NMMS has also drastically increased the percentage of exiting eighth graders scoring in the Proficient and or Advanced category. This is evident by NMMS being recognized by the Program of Research and Evaluation of Public Schools (PREPS), as well as the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.  

The 2012/2013 school term was full of professional growth opportunities and increased rigor for the students of the Madison County School District. As a middle school principal, I was a part of the implementation of technology course offerings such as: ICT I, ICT II, and STEM. Last year, NMMS also offered a foreign language, Spanish, for the first time. Students will not only receive Carnegie units for these courses which will count towards high school graduation, but also be equipped with the necessary skills to compete in our global society. Our Madison County School District (MCSD) Central Office personnel also made CCSS (Common Core State Standards) a priority. I am fortunate to have received intense professional development in preparation for the implementation of CCSS. 
This year the MCSD has placed an even more increased emphasis on literacy, and each building site mirrors this district initiative. We have placed a focus on the importance of literacy and teaching reading across the curriculum. We encourage parents to visit our Northeast Madison Middle School homepage. You may click on the Parent Resources tab, then click on the Independent Literacy Project tab, and you will find a list of helpful strategies that you can use at home to help your chilren become more fluent readers.
The faculty/staff, student body, and the entire NMMS community is determined to reach High Performing status and exit each student Proficient and/or Advanced in Math and Language Arts. Through a continued parternship of the school, home, and community, I'm confident that the 2013-2014 school term will be a successful year!


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