Madison Station Elementary

2010 National Blue Ribbon School


  • Digestive System

    Click on the human to build a digestive system and then watch the cool video of the digestive track from ingestion to evacuation.
  • Poetry- Shel Silverstein


    Explore the wonderful and wacky words of Shel Silverstein. Click on the "Let's have some fun" link. Then choose "Games and Puzzles."

  • Poetry- Cupcake game


    Figure out the poetry term before all of the cupcakes are gone. Similar to hangman.

  • Poetry- many game links


    Various games with poetry.

  • Kinetic and Potential Energy


    Several games and quizzes to test your knowledge on energy.

  • Grain Strain


    Use the tools to fill your bucket with grains.

  • Simple Machines


    A fun way to learn about simple machines in everyday life. Stay in "the house" to learn about simple machines.

  • Compound Machines


    A fun way to learn about compound machines. Stay in the "tool shed" to learn about compound machines.

  • Food Chain


    Put the producers, consumers and decomposers in order.

  • Create a Criss-Cross Puzzle


    Use your vocabulary words, science terms, or any list of words that you need to study. Follow the steps and print your instant study guide!

  • Biodiversity


    Read and discover all the interesting facts about biodiversity!

  • Using English- Idioms


    Find out the meaning behind popular idioms.

  • World Almanac For Kids- Idioms


    Idioms are phrases that mean more than their words put together.

  • *Vocabulary Builder*


    Great way to increase your vocabulary skills!

  • Reading Comprehension


    Find the author's purpose, recall details in chronological order, use clues to infer other details, locate supporting details, and so much more. Whatever your strength or weakness, you can grow to be a better reader with these games!

  • K-5 English


    Practice proofreading, create wacky webtales to practice parts of speech, or complete sentences using irregular verbs. The format will help prepare you for any test!

  • Math


    Practice for any grade in all areas of math.

  • Cool Math


    These math games are fun and challenging. You get to choose the numbers that you are learning or challenge yourself to move up!

  • Multiplication


    Multiply to one hundred

  • Science


    This site offers fun games that use your thinking skills and test your earth science knowledge.

  • Spelling


    Create your own spelling list and play different games to practice your spelling words.

  • Learn Spanish


    Great tool for anyone interested in expanding their spanish vocabulary beyond "Hola."