Madison County School District

Department of Special Services


With an unyielding commitment to excellence, MCSD Special Services Department seeks to identify the special needs of exceptional children and address those needs through a variety of program options and opportunities, striving always to recognize and nurture the unique potential of each student.


The Madison County School District offers a full continuum of services for students with disabilities. Eligible students from ages three to twenty-one are served in our school district. Qualified teachers, therapists, and trained support personnel strive to offer the most appropriate programs for each student. We are continuing to expand our programs to meet the wide variety of student needs. Our staff attend conferences and workshops to learn and implement the current trends in Special and Gifted education.

The Department of Special Services of MCSD strives to find, evaluate and teach every student found to have a disability while creating an environment enabling them to learn in their least restrictive environment and providing them a free appropriate education. Through an Individualized Education Plan, we offer each student extensive opportunities and individualized services while maximizing the potential of every student. We have a variety of programs designed to meet the instructional needs of each student eligible for services from ages three to twenty-one. These programs include services in the area of Gifted, Homebound, Special Education, Transition, Speech Therapy and other Related Services, 504 and Teacher Support Team Intervention Plans. Each school within our district offers a variety of special education services. There are special district-wide classes established to serve students with lower incidence disabilities. As a district Madison County educators, both special education and regular education, work together as a team to meet the unique needs of all our students.


Lynn Slay, Special Services Director
     Cherrie Kelly, Secretary to Special Services
     Lisa Lawless, Secretary to Special Services
     Wynelle Leonards, Assistant Director
     Lillian Prewitt, Assistant Director
     Vicki Doty, Transition Coordinator
     Suzanne Bailey, Speech Language & Assitive Technology Coordinator
     Elaine Blossom, Psychometrist
     Jennifer Cooley, Psychometrist
     Patsy Eads, Psychometrist
     Shelley Crunk, Psychometrist
     Cris Bryan, Special Projects Coordinator
     Melissa Grantham, Gifted Curriculum Coordinator
     Karla Watts, Behavior Specialist

Office Of Special Services
     212 Sunnybrook Rd.
     Ridgeland MS. 39157
     601.853.1326 (office)
     601.853.7610 (fax)