E-mail Settings for Windows Mobile Phones

 Madison County does not support personal cell phones.  The following information was obtained from the Internet.  

  • From the home screen, browse to the App list.

  • Select "Settings"

  • Select "e-mail & accounts"

  • Select "add an account"

  • Select an "Outlook" account

  • Type your e-mail address.

  • Type your password.

  • Press the "sign in" button

  • Type mcs.local for the domain

  • Press the "sign in" button

  • Modify the Description if desired.  For example, "Exchange" vs. "MCSD E-mail" vs. "District E-mail" etc.

  • Select when you would like e-mail to be delivered.

  • Select the features to synchronize.  If you synchronize the calendar and contacts, it may erase what's currently stored on the phone.  Once the information is gone, it can't be restored.

  • Enter webmail.madison-schools.com for the Domain.

  • Press the check mark to accept your settings.