The following forms are needed for Teachers and Students participating in Madison County School's 1:M Initiative.
Any damage must be reported to school authorities immediately. Power adapters and sleeve must be returned or paid in full.


  • First damage occurrence: Covered by usage fee - Chromebook / $50.00 MacBook and student will get a replacement laptop upon payment of the deductible.
  • Second damage occurrence: $25.00 Chromebook / $50.00 MacBook plus the cost to repair the laptop or fair market value and possible loss of laptop take home privileges. A MacBook replacement laptop will be checked in and out daily during the school day.
  • Third damage occurrence: Chromebook: Loss of take home privileges. MacBook: Cost to repair the laptop or fair market value and loss of take home laptop privileges.

Table of Estimated Repair Pricing for Deductibles

Loss, Deliberate Damage or Neglect

 Estimated Repair/Replacement

Broken Screen


Broken Keyboard


Power Adapter + Cord


District Assigned laptop Sleeve


Liquid damage to Laptop


District Assigned Case


Power Adapter
Power Cord