The following forms are needed for Teachers and Students participating in Madison County School's 1:M Initiative.

Laptop Damages

Any damage must be reported to school authorities immediately. Power adapters and sleeve must be returned or paid in full.


  • First damage occurrence: $50.00 and student will get a replacement laptop upon payment of the deductible.
  • Second damage occurrence: $50.00 plus the cost to repair the laptop or fair market value and possible loss of laptop take home privileges. The replacement laptop will be checked in and out daily during the school day.
  • Third damage occurrence: Cost to repair the laptop or fair market value and loss of take home laptop privileges.

Table of Estimated Repair Pricing for Deductibles

Loss, Deliberate Damage or Neglect

 Estimated Repair/Replacement

Broken Screen


Broken Keyboard


Power Adapter + Cord


District Assigned laptop Sleeve


Liquid damage to Laptop


District Assigned Case


Power Adapter
Power Cord