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  • Charlie Week 4

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 10/24/2016

    Smith/Rouser’s Monday Memos 10/24/16


    Red Ribbon Week This Week!   October 24- 28

    Monday- Wear silly socks.   

    Tuesday- Wear red, white, and blue.

    Wednesday- Wear sunglasses. 

    Thursday- Wear camouflage.

    Friday- Wear Jag colors.


    Please send a bag of your child’s favorite chocolate or candy, we are going to have a tasting party this Friday! (No Tree Nuts due to allergies)


    Dates to Remember:

    October 27- Mystery Night

    November 3- School field Trip to MCHS to view The Little Mermaid play-Send Sack Lunch

    November 7-11 Scholastic Book Fair

    November 9- Veteran’s Day program

    November 11- Thanksgiving feast

    November 21-25 Thanksgiving break


    Nightly Homework- Review multiplication facts. Read/discuss Charlie using bookmark questions


    Monday- Math workbook P 8-5 and multiplication sheet, Read Charlie chapters 22-24 pages 102-117 & discuss in detail using bookmark questions


    Tuesday- Math worksheet 200-201, Read & discuss Charlie chapters 25-27 pages 117-141. Focus on comprehension skills by using bookmark questions with a parent.


    Wednesday- Read & discuss chapters 28-30 pages 142-155 using bookmark. Review important details throughout story such as overall problem/solution, theme, cause/effect, etc…Review basic multiplication facts.


    Thursday – Review basic multiplication facts. Come to Mystery night at 5:25


    Quizzes and Tests: 

    Wednesday- Chapter 7/8 math test

    Thursday- Spelling Test

    Friday- Comprehension & Vocabulary Tests





    Reading: This week we are reading chapters 22- 30 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  We are excited to complete our literature journey with Charlie & the Chocolate Factory this week! Next week, we will begin Number the Stars.


    Writing:  We will be writing descriptive writing pieces including fiction and non-fiction. We will be analyzing our writing and look for ways to improve our writing and make it more descriptive.


    Science: Human Body: Digestive System

    Students will learn what the digestive system does and identify the steps in digestion.


    Social Studies: MS History: Adventures in Time and Place  

    Students will learn about the five regions of the U.S. and the ten regions of MS.

    Scholastic News magazine will be read to learn about current events.


    Math: Multiplying by Two-digit and Two-digit Numbers/Division

    Students will review multiplying two-digit by two-digit numbers. They will use mental math to divide and estimate quotients.



    intently- showing great determination or attention      

    tantrum-an outburst of bad temper                                   

    staggered- to move unsteadily

    petrified- to frighten or scare

    hovering- to hang fluttering in the air

    hollow- having space inside                         

    violently- showing very strong force

    disturb- to interfere with                                  

    rubbish- trash

    gallantly- brave, spirited, or noble-minded


    Spelling only-  deceive, grieving, pierce, seize, either, weight, chiefly, belief


    Latin/Greek Roots 


    carn-flesh, meat



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  • Charlie Week 3

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 10/17/2016

    Smith/Rouser’s Monday Memos 10-17-16

    Important Dates:

    October 18- Guest author Trenton Lee Stewart                    November 7-11 Scholastic Book Fair

    October 24- 28 - Red Ribbon week                                     November 3- The Little Mermaid play at MCHS

    October 27- Mystery Night                                                 November 9- Veteran’s Day program

    November 2- Bank day                                                      November 11- Thanksgiving feast

                                                                                           November 21-25 Thanksgiving break

    Quizzes and Tests: 

    Thursday- Chapter 1 History test (Rouser), Spelling Test (All) 

    Friday- Skeletal System Quiz (All), Ch 1 History test (Smith), Reading & Vocab test (All) 


    Homework: Read assigned chapters (even if read aloud in class, Study Math Facts Nightly


    Monday- Math workbook P 7-3, Read & Discuss chapters 15-16 using bookmark questions or complete individual assignments, Practice spelling test

    Tuesday- Math workbook P 8-, Read & Discuss chapters 17-18 using bookmark questions or complete individual assignments, Make Vocabulary flash cards

    Wednesday- Math workbook P 8-2

    Thursday- Math workbook P 8-4, Read & Discuss chapters 19-21 using bookmark questions or complete individual assignments


    Reading/Language Arts: This week we are reading chapters 15-21 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We are writing personal narratives this week. Ask your child about his/her story!


    Vocabulary & Spelling: 


    Abide  p.  63- Endure                                                            intense-p.84-having very strong feelings

    Astonish-p.83- to strike with sudden wonder or surprise          rumble-p.92-a low, heavy rolling sound   

    Mist-p. 81- particles of water floating in the air as fine rain         shriek-p. 108- to utter a sharp shrill cry

    Furious-p.85- very angry                                                    journey-p. 81- traveling from one place to another   

    Yacht-p. 81- pleasure ship used for cruising or racing               basin-p.92-a wide shallow round dish or bowl that

    Mass- p.  81-a large quantity or number                                               holds liquid


    Spelling Only:  daughter, sprawled, brawl, yawning, autograph, automatic, lawyer


    Latin/Greek Roots:  ject-throw        brev-short


    Math: Multiplying by Two-digit and Two-digit Numbers

    Students will review multiplying four-digit numbers by a one-digit number. Students will use arrays, area models, and expanded algorithm to multiply two-digit by two-digit numbers.

    Science:  Human Body: Skeletal System-Students will identify and locate the major bones in the human body.

    Social Studies:  MS History: Adventures in Time and Place- Students will learn about our state’s climate. Scholastic News magazine will be read to learn about current events.


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  • Charlie Week 2

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 10/11/2016

    Smith/Rouser’s Weekly News

    Dates to Remember:

     October 11- The Food for Families Challenge- Send Cans  

    Geography Bee permission form & The Little Mermaid permission form have been sent home (Please send $6 w/form by this Friday if possible)

    October 13- Report cards go home.

    October 18- Guest author Trenton Lee Stewart

    October 24- 28 - Red Ribbon week

    October 27- Mystery Night

    November 2- Bank day

    November 3- School Wide Field Trip MCHS to the Little Mermaid

    *Students should have information coming home in the near future concerning our Fourth Grade field trip to the Ag Museum.


    Reading/Language Arts: This week we are reading chapters 8-14 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We are analyzing characters, discussing important events in the story, and reading examples of descriptive writing. We are writing personal narrative fictional stories.

    Science: Animal Structure and Function

    Students will learn about ecosystems, habitats, food chains, and food webs.


    Social Studies: MS History: Adventures in Time and Place  

    Students will learn how waterways are important to Mississippi. Scholastic News magazine will be read to learn about current events.


    Math: Multiplying by One-digit and Two-digit Numbers

    Students will multiply four-digit numbers by a one-digit number. Arrays and mental math will be used to multiply by two-digit numbers.


    HOMEWORK:   Read assigned chapters & discuss using question prompts on the bookmark (even if read aloud in class) Memorize math facts.

    Tuesday – Math worksheet page 160/161, Read & discuss Chapters 8-11 of Charlie using bookmark, Take practice spelling test, look over vocabulary words and definitions, make flash cards with the definitions for vocabulary words you do not know.

    Wednesday/Thursday – Math worksheet page 163, Read & discuss Chapters 12-14 of Charlie using bookmark. Study spelling.  Read and discuss chapters & review flashcards for Friday’s test.


    Test Schedule 

    Wednesday- Animal Structure and Function test ( Rouser’s Homeroom)

    Thursday- Math chapters 5-6 test (ALL) , Animal Structure &  Function test( Smith’s Homeroom)

    Friday-   Spelling, Vocabulary, and Comprehension Tests 


    Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Week 2

    Vocabulary & Spelling List

    (Both Spelling and Vocabulary)

    ferociously p. 31-fierce                                  

    pandemonium p. 53- wild uproar

    criticize p. 31- to find fault with                     

    peculiar p 45-strange/different                 

    despicable p. 32- deserving to be despised           

    procession p. 50- continuous forward movement

    stilettos p. 34- a slender pointed dagger       

    clustered p. 44- grouped closely together

    precious p. 44- very valuable                     

    envious p. 45- feeling jealous, showing envy

    sensation p 45 an indefinite bodily feeling

    corridor p. 60-a passage or hallway into which rooms open

    clatter- to make a loud, rattling sound or to cause something to make a rattling sound

    [pppiLatin/Greek Rootsalti-height, junc-join


    SPELLING only- celebrity, recipe, bounce, juice, advice, bicycle


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  • Escaping the Giant Wave Week 3

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 9/19/2016

    Smith/Rouser News Week of 9-19-16

    Boosterthon Time! PLEASE register Tonight if you haven't already! We are excited to raise money for much needed updated technology for our school! Please help!

    Reading: We are regulating our reading pace and practicing fluency. Our skills include analyzing characters, sequencing events, cause/effect, reviewing figurative language, and picturing details in a descriptive text. Test Friday

    Research- We are reading for information using multiple sources including technology.

    Writing: We are writing a descriptive story about a disaster. We are learning to use descriptive words and learning to choose our words carefully for greatest impact.

    Math: Place value/Addition & Subtraction of Whole Numbers/Multiplying by one-digit numbers- Students will subtract across zeroes. They will also multiply by using arrays, mental math, and breaking apart.

    Science: Animal Structure and Function- Students will explore ways animals are similar and different, how animals with backbones vary, and how insects compare to other animals with jointed legs.

     Social Studies:   MS History- Students will learn about our national government. Scholastic News will be used to learn about current events.

    Homework: Read and discuss chapters 7-9 this week. Study math facts nightly.

    Monday- Math review pg. 4/5 (Even problems, Front and back), Read chapter 7 & discuss using bookmark questions, take practice spelling test

    Tuesday- Math sheet pages 110-111, Read chapter 8 & discuss with an adult using bookmark questions , & study words missed in practice spelling test.

    Wednesday- Take a Sp. Practice test until make 100.

    Thursday- Math workbook P 5-2, study vocabulary , Read ch 9 & discuss with an adult using bookmark questions.

    Spelling & Vocabulary- SEE BACK Spelling test Thursday, Vocabulary test Friday




    Escaping the Giant Wave Chapters 7-9 Spelling AND Vocabulary

    Trudge (p. 73) walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions

    Incline (p. 74 ) ramped surface or plane; a slope

    Barrier (p. 74) a fence, roadblock, or other obstacle that prevents movement or access

    Nervous (p.75) easily agitated; tending to be anxious; highly strung

    Disaster (p. 75) a sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life.

    Emergency (p. 77) a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action

    Motto (p. 80) a saying or expression that summarizes ones beliefs

    Capsize (p. 81) overturn in the water.

    Interrupt (p. 83) stop the progress of (an activity or process).

    Unfortunate (p. 101) unlucky

    Plunge (p. 104) jump, push, or dive quickly and energetically

    Cocky (p. 104) conceited or arrogant, being too sure of oneself in a rude way

    Vulnerable (p. 108) susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm

    Monitor (p. 108) to watch or observe for a special purpose

    Spelling only: premonition, remorse, optimistic, fretted

    New Greek Roots: Mar-sea      pre-before

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  • Frindle week 4

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 8/29/2016

    Smith/Rouser News 8/29/16

    If you did not sign up for remind101 at open house, please do so tonight.

    1. Enter the following number in your phone: 81010
    2. Smith’s homeroom text: @799cg
    3. Rouser’s homeroom text @mrsrouser


    You only need to be on your homeroom site unless you have twins/siblings in the switch class.


    What we are learning this week: 

    Reading:  We are excited to be finishing the book Frindle this week. Frindle was a fun, easy book to start the year! Our comprehension test on the book will be Friday. Next week, we will begin a fabulous story, Escaping the Giant Wave by Peg Kehret.


    Science:  Plants- Students will learn the four basic parts of a flower, the function of each part, and how flowers with fewer than four parts produce seeds.


    Social Studies: MS History: Adventures in Time and Place-Students will demonstrate their understanding and use of maps.


    Math: Generate and Analyze Patterns/Place Value

    Students will generate and analyze patterns, recognize place value relationships, and compare multi-digit numbers.


    This Week’s Homework:

    Monday: Math wb R2-3 & P2-3, Read Frindle chapter 13 & have a parent ask questions using bookmark

    Tuesday- Math worksheet pg. 60/61, Read chapter 14 Frindle and discuss.

    Wednesday/Thursday- Read chapter 15 of Frindle and discuss. Review 13-15

    Math workbook P 3-1



    Thursday- Chapter 2 math test, Spelling Test

    Friday- Comprehension & Vocabulary Test   


    Frindle Vocabulary/Spelling Words Chapters 13-15


    down- feeling sad or depressed

    consumer- someone who buys/uses a product or service

    leafed-to turn pages & glance at them

    legally- lawful, allowed by law

    imported- to bring into a place or country from another

    commotion- a lot of noisy activity

    exported-to take a product out of the country to sell or use

    generous-to offer freely of money, things, or time

    engraved- writing carved into an object

    chuckled- a quiet, small laugh

    oblong- a long, oval shape

    congratulate- to give well wishes for something completed or given

    donation-to give an object or money to one who needs it

    adventure- an exciting trip above the ordinary

    remarkable- unusual and unexpected

    successful- completing a job over and above the usual

    curiosity- an interest in someone or something that is new or different

    original-the first of it’s kind



    GREEk Root Wordbotan-plant 

    Latin Root Word-  brev-brief, short time

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  • Frindle Week 3

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 8/22/2016

     Smith/Rouser News 8/22/16

    Happy Monday! We are looking forward to seeing all of you tonight for 4thGrade open house at 6:00. There will be a 5 minute meeting in the gym then you will come to both classes for about 15 minutes each as we see your children equally. We will keep it brief but very informative.


    It is MANDATORY for all parents to attend. (Sports/soccer is NOT an excuse) Homework passes will be given to all parents who attend both classes.


    Thank you for assisting your child with homework and helping him/her review multiplication facts. Please sign homework each evening.


     Homework;   Ongoing- Review math facts. Read at least 15 minutes each day. Study vocabulary and spelling for mastery nightly.

    Monday- Math Workbook page 1-9, Read chapter 9 Frindle, Discuss the chess players

    Tuesday- Math skill sheet 34-35, Read chapters 10  Frindle, Write a 1 paragraph summary

    Wednesday/Thursday- Math workbook page P2-2, Read chapters 11- 12 Frindle & review chapters 9-12 for test, Use bookmark as a guide to ask questions to your child.

    Friday- Corrected signed papers due


    Quizzes and Tests: 

    Thursday: Topic 1 Math Test, Spelling Test

    Friday: 9-12 Frindle Comprehension & vocabulary tests


     What we’re doing in school this week:


    ReadingWe are enjoying reading Frindle chapters 9-12. We are learning about the consequences of Nick’s “Big idea.” We are setting a stage for becoming excellent readers who enjoy reading and value spending time enjoying books. We are discussing characters’ point of view and comparing these views to our own. We will be discussing the THEME in a story, chapter, poem, movie, or song.


    Writing: We are going to be learning how to describe the theme of a story and prove it using text evidence.

    Language:  Reviewing Prepositions


    Science: Life Science/Inquiry Students will learn about the two major groups into which plants are grouped and how they reproduce.

    Social Studies:   Globes and Maps will be used to reinforce latitude and longitude. Different types of maps will be discussed- climate, landform, transportation, physical, political, and historical.


    Math: Multiplication and Division Students will use multiplication to find division facts. They will also learn about repeating patterns, number sequences,  extending tables and  rules for those tables.




    Frindle Vocabulary 9-12

    Champion p. 67- winner

    Controversial p. 76- causes arguments

    Encourage p. 51- to cause one to feel hope of spirit

    Fad p. 61- the “in” thing, temporarily popular

    Investment p. 71- money used to create a source of income or profit

    Local p. 70- relating to a certain community

    Mastermind p. 68- an intelligent person who is a natural planner and leader

    Phony p. 59- not genuine or real, fake

    Preliminary p. 72- coming before the main part

    Rebellion p. 51- open opposition to authority

    Rowdy p. 57- rough or loud behavior

    Stumped p. 53- to confuse or perplex

    Trademark p. 71- a symbol put on a product to show who made it

    Subscribe p 73-to enter one’s name for a publication or service

    Envelope p 65 – a flat usually paper container (as for a letter)

    Particular p 67-a very small detail; careful attention to detail

    Embarrassed p 52 -to cause to feel confused or distressed

    Advertisement p 57-a public notice

    Standards p 53-something set up by authority or by general consent as a rule for measuring or as a model

    Committee p 49-a group of persons appointed or elected to consider or to take action on some matter

    Occasional p 57-happening, appearing or met with now and then


    Greek Roots  


    sub-under   mania-crazy




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  • Frindle Week 1

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 8/8/2016

    Smith Notes:

         We are learning about each other this week. We are working on creating a loving, safe environment where our children can come home every day saying, “Today I had a great day with all of my best friends.”

    Reading: We will begin reading the book Frindle this week. Frindle is an awesome story about the power of words and the power we have to change our world. We will be reading the book in class but the students will be asked to reread assigned chapters at home. Please discuss the story with your child nightly. I love this story and I hope you do too! Chapters 1-3 Test this Friday


         Our spelling and vocabulary words are located on the back of this newsletter and on our website each week. The words are taken from the story Frindle. Encourage your child to look for these words while reading Frindle and discuss their meanings in context.


     Social Studies: MS History: Students will be introduced to the MS History text by engaging in a scavenger hunt. Discussions will take place and activities will be done related to the 2016 Summer Olympics. Scholastic News magazine will be used to learn about current events.



    ONGOING 4th Grade Homework: Read for thirty minutes Nightly & review vocabulary & spelling

    Monday:  Read chapter 1 Frindle & discuss with an adult.

    Tuesday- Math workbook P 1-2, Read chapter 2 Frindle and compare Mrs. Granger and Mrs. Smith using a venn diagram

    Thursday –  Read chapter 3 Frindle and review chapters 1-3 for Friday’s comprehension test.


    **When Scholastic News arrives, it will be assigned each Monday and due every Friday morning.


    Please note-homework assignments are subject to change according to the lessons completed in class. It is the student’s responsibility to copy the homework, along with its specific instructions, from the front board on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


    Frindle Spelling & Vocabulary

    Thursday SPELLING test

    Friday Vocabulary & Comprehension Test

    Week 1 Chapters 1-3

    1. Crimson p. 4- deep red in color
    2. hesitate p. 15- to pause
    3. procedure p. 13- a method of doing something
    4. essential p.11- necessary or fundamental
    5. acquire p. 11- to gain or get as one’s own
    6. delight p. 2- to be highly pleased, rejoice
    7. liven p. 3- cheer
    8. jumble p.- mix of jump & tumble, to mix in a confused heap
    9. frantically p. 12-wild with excitement
    10. Glance p. 3, 15 – to take a quick look
    11. profound - deeply felt
    12. complex - two or more parts, complicated
    13. innocently (back)- knowing no evil, not guilty
    14. properly p11- in the appropriate or correct manner
    15. unfortunate p. 15- unlucky
    16. monopoly. 6- exclusive control
    17. acquainted p. 13-to make familiar
    18. promptly p 4- punctual, on time

    Greek Roots

    1. graph- write
    2. biblio- book 



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  • Last Week of Homer

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 5/9/2016

    Smith & Rouser’s Monday Memo                         May 9, 2016

    Notes:  Thank you so much for the handmade cards, flowers, gift cards, sweet treats, and the love each of you showered us with during Teacher Appreciation Week. You made us feel so very loved. Thank you for a wonderful year! Your children have put their mark on our hearts and we will never be the same.

    Dates to Remember:


    May 16- Yearbook signing, Talent show (Only students can attend.)

    May 17 Field Day ( A labeled lunch, drink, towel, & hat are needed. ) Please apply sunscreen before school.

    May 18- Mr. Hunter Day-Send a few dollars & wear a hat & sunglasses to support our janitor who works so hard for us all!

    Technology Day (Students may bring electronic games if you think they are responsible for keeping up with them.)

    May 19 -Clean the classroom. Last day of school-60% Day


    Reading/Language:  We are finishing up our final literature book of the year, The Adventures of Homer P. Figg. We will not have a vocabulary or comprehension test this week. We will use that time to review skills and enjoy the story in class.

    Science: Our Solar System- Students will learn about phases of the moon, also solar and lunar eclipses. They will learn about the similarities and differences between the planets and about other objects in the solar system. (Needed by Tues.- Empty and clean tall Pringles cans for a science activity)


    Social Studies: MS History: Adventures in Time and Place- Mississippi Government: Students will learn what role local government plays in our lives, what are the jobs of the three branches of government, and what rights and responsibilities we have as U.S. citizens.


    Math: Geometry-  Students will learn to identify quadrilaterals and identify the lines of symmetry of certain plane figures. HOMEWORK:  Monday- Math workbook P 16-9 and P 16-10

    Tuesday- Math review pages 416/417 and 448/449


    TEST Schedule: Tuesday- Ch.11 social studies test, Wednesday- Ch.15/16 math test

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  • Week 3 Homer

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 5/2/2016

    Smith's Monday Memos 5/2/16


    Notes: It is a wonderful feeling to be finished with testing! Now we can just enjoy learning!


    Reading: Homer Chapters 19-27

    Homework: Read assigned chapters (even if read aloud in class) Monday- Review 17-18 Tuesday night- chapters 19-23, Wednesday & Thursday night chapters 24-27. It is important to read this book aloud with your child because it has vocabulary and dialect we do not use in today’s society. Discuss each chapter as you enjoy the book together. Comp. & Vocab. Test Friday



    Social Studies: MS History: Adventures in Time and Place , Mississippi Government: Students will learn what role local government plays in our lives, what are the jobs of the three branches of government, and what rights and responsibilities we have as U.S. citizens. Scholastic News magazine will be used to learn about current events.


    Quizzes and Tests: 

    Friday-   Homer P. Figg Vocabulary & Comprehension Test  


    Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.-Abraham Lincoln


    This Week’s Vocabulary Words        

      Chapters 19-27 pages 104-154 Test Friday


    Doffs-to tip a hat (Ch 19)                                                 

    Proximity-nearness in location, nearness in place (Ch 20)                         

    Abide-put up with, endure (Ch 21)                                        

    Parasols-a lightweight umbrella used for sunshade (Ch 22)        

    Dandified-excessively concerned about appearance (Ch27)  

    Indignity-disgraceful condition or action (Ch24)               

    Emanations-feelings that are sent forth from a person (Ch 24)

    Forbade-to command a person not to do something (Ch 25)  

    Trundles-moves in a wheeled vehicle such as a cart or wagon (Ch26)

    skeptics-people who doubt something or do not believe in it (Ch24)

    Discretion-careful in behavior, in a way that is not showy (Ch 23)

    Fetid –stinky, bad smelling, stinking (Ch24)

    Dexterity-skill (Ch 24)

    Tethered-to fasten or confine (Ch27)

    Suffice-enough (Ch 26)

    Aeronautics-the science of flight (Ch 27)

    Odiferous-strong smelling (Ch 22)

    Exudes-radiates; obviously projects (Ch 20)

    Endeavor-to make an effort; to strive (Ch 20)

    Pungent-unpleasantly strong in smell (Ch 20)

    Grudgingly-unwillingly, reluctantly (Ch 20)

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  • The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg Week 1

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 4/11/2016

    Smith/Rouser’s Monday Memos 4/11/16




    Reading: This week we are reading chapters 1-9 of The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg by Rodman Philbrick.  This is our last Chapter book of the year!

    Homework:  Read assigned chapters NIGHTLY. Let’s FINISH this year STRONG!  (Even if read aloud in class) Monday night- chapters 1-2, Tuesday night –Ch 3-6, Wednesday & Thursday night chapters 7-9.  It is important to read this book aloud with your child because it has vocabulary and dialect we do not use in today’s society. Discuss each chapter as you enjoy the book together. Comp. & Vocab Test Friday

    Vocabulary Words

    scalawag- (page 1) rascal

    perish-to die or be destroyed

    inflicted- (page 4) to cause suffering

    abide-(page 4)  put up with, endure, stand, tolerate

    magistrate- officer of the state or judge ch2

    prodigious- (page 8) an extraordinary amount, much of something, extremely large or great in size, amount, strength, extent, or the like;  enormous

    conscription-(page 10) enrollment of a person into the military

    superiors- higher in rank

    valise-traveling bag ch3

    spindle-(page 17) a long stick that is tapered at the ends

    oblige-(page 21, 44)  to be accommodating , to do something out of kindness, to do a favor for

    boughs-branches of trees ch5

    trussed-secured tightly ch 6

    amply-(page 27) greatly; a lot; fully; generous in size

    bounty-a reward, ch7

    ails-to be unwell, ch 8

    subtle-difficult to understand; mysterious, ch8

    fugitive-a run away, ch9

    elixir- a magical liquid medicine


    Science: Animal Structure and Function

    Students will learn about the characteristics of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.


    Social Studies: MS History: New Challenges: Students will review the challenges MS faced in the new century. Chapter 7 Soc. studies test (Radiators only) Scholastic News magazine will be used to learn about current events.


    Math: Measurement Units and Conversions

    Students will use and convert metric units of length, capacity, and weight. Time, line plots, area and perimeter will be discussed. HOMEWORK: Review customary and metrics study guide daily. Mon-Review sheet, Tues- Metrics review sheet, Thurs-Time and line plot review sheet

    Test Schedule: Wed- Customary math quiz, Thursday- Metrics math quiz

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