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  • Frindle Week 4

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 8/28/2015

    Smith/Rouser News 8/31/15

    What we are learning this week:

    Reading: We are excited to be finishing the book Frindle this week. Frindle was a fun, easy book to start the year! Our omprehension test on the book will be Friday. Next week, we will begin a fabulous story, Escaping the Giant Wave by Peg Kehret.

    Language: Writing narratives

    Chapters 13-15 FRINDLE Vocabulary

     1.  down-feeling sad or depressed

    2.  consumers-someone who buys and uses a product or service

    3.  leafed-to turn pages and glance at them

    4. legally-lawful or allowed by law

    5.  imported-to bring into a place or country from somewhere else

    6.  commotion-a lot of noisy, excited activity


    GREEk Root Word- botan-plant

    Latin Root Word- brev-brief, short time


    Spelling: down, consumer, leafed, legally, imported, commotion, advice, rigid, ignorant, recognize, remind, witness, tonight, decide, crime, flight, district, build, fright, blind


    Social Studies: Globes & Maps will be used to locate places on Earth. Different types of maps will be discussed- climate, landform, transportation, physical, political, and historical.

     Homework; Read at least 30 minutes each day.(Not optional!)

    Monday: Read Frindle chapter 13 & discuss

    Tuesday- Read chapter 14 Frindle and discuss.

    Wednesday- Read chapter 15 of Frindle and discuss. review spelling

    Thursday- Review story for test, review vocabulary words


    If you have not had a chance to sign up for remind101, please do so.

    • Enter the following number in your phone: 81010
    • Smith’s homeroom text: @smithsmo
    • Rouser’s homeroom text @smithrou


    You only need to be on your homeroom site unless you have twins/siblings in the switch class.


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  • Frindle Week 3

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 8/21/2015

     Smith/Rouser News 8/24/15

    Happy Monday! We are looking forward to seeing all of you tonight for 4thGrade open house at 6:00. There will be a 5 minute meeting in the gym then you will come to both classes for about 15 minutes each as we see your children equally. We will keep it brief but very informative.


    It is MANDATORY for all parents to attend. (Sports/soccer is NOT an excuse) Homework passes will be given to all parents who attend both classes.



    Thank you for assisting your child with homework and helping him/her review multiplication facts. Please sign homework each evening.


     Homework;   Ongoing- Review math facts. Read at least 15 minutes each day. Study vocabulary and spelling for mastery nightly.

    Monday- chapter 9 Frindle, Discuss Points of view

    Tuesday- Read chapters 10-11 Frindle, Discuss

    Wednesday- Study vocab and spelling

    Thursday- Frindle review 9-12 for test, Signed papers sent home for correction

    Friday- Corrected signed papers due

    Quizzes and Tests: 

    Thursday: Spelling Test

    Friday: 9-12 Frindle Comprehension & vocabulary tests


     What we’re doing in school this week:

    Reading: We are enjoying reading Frindle chapters 9-12. We are learning about the consequences of Nick’s “Big idea.” We are setting a stage for becoming excellent readers who enjoy reading and value spending time enjoying books. We are discussing characters’ point of view and comparing these views to our own.

    Writing: We are imagining stories from ordinary events.

    Social Studies:   Globes and Maps maps will be used to reinforce latitude and longitude. Different types of maps will be discussed- climate, landform, transportation, physical, political, and historical.


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  • Frindle Week 2 2015

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 8/17/2015

    SmithNews 8/17/15

              Remember to join us for Parent Open House night next Monday night August 24th. Every parent MUST attend. We will review all important information about our class and our year together. Homework passes will be given to each child who has a parent attend both Rouser and Smith meetings!

              We are reviewing how to write complete answer sentences. For example: “How are Nick and Griffin alike?” would be answered… “Nick and Griffin are alike because both of them like to make plans.” Notice that I used a capital letter to begin the sentence and wrote both of the characters names in my answer instead of “They.” Please also notice that the underlined portion of the question is used in the answer to make in complete and detailed. Please review this orally with your child by asking questions aloud and having him/her answer in complete answer sentences.

    Reading/Language Homework: Please study nightly by reading each chapter assigned, “Catching & throwing reading ideas” from the story, and using vocabulary words in context nightly. Study spelling & vocabulary until you can’t get them wrong!

    Monday: Read chapter 4, & catch and throw ideas. (discuss) Study vocab & spelling, read independently for thirty minutes nightly. (SET A TIMER!)

    Tuesday: Read chapters 5 & 6, & discuss, Study vocab & spelling, read independently for thirty minutes nightly. (SET A TIMER!)

    Wednesday: Read chapter 7 & discuss, Study vocab & spelling, correct signed papers in complete sentences. Read independently for thirty minutes nightly. (SET A TIMER!)

    Thursday: Read, & catch and throw ideas, discuss, Study vocab, finish correcting signed                papers, read independently for thirty minutes nightly. (SET A TIMER!)

    Spelling tests are always on Thursdays Vocabulary and comprehension tests are on Friday each week.

    Chapters 4-8 Vocabulary Frindle

    Abrupt p 47- sudden

    Absorb p 35 - to take in or hold

    Badge p. 43 - a mark or sign to show that a person belongs to a group

    Blurt p. 39- to say suddenly without thinking

    Clatter p. 35-to make or cause a rattling sound

    Concentration p25, 33- to focus thoughts and attention on something

    Crumple p 23 - to crush out of shape

    disrupt p. 44-to cause disorder or confusion, disturb

    embodies p. 27- brings together to form a body or system

    emphasize p. 40 -to stress as being important

    furious p. 43- very angry

    gulp p. 40- large swallow                      

    harsh p. 22- causing discomfort, severe

    imaginative p. 27- creative

    maximum p. 22- highest amount, most

    oath p. 38- a solemn promise

    Quill p. 45- a stout feather

    stoop p. 35- to bend over

    Latin Roots: Dict-say   Scribe-write

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  • Frindle week 1

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 8/7/2015

    Weekly News

    We are learning about each other this week. We are working on creating a loving, safe environment where our children can come home everyday saying, “Today I had a great day with all of my best friends.”
    We will begin reading the book Frindle this week. Frindle is an awesome story about the power of words and the power we have to change our world. We will be reading the book in class. The students will be asked to reread assigned chapters at home. Please discuss the story with your child nightly. I love this story and I hope you do too!

    Our spelling and vocabulary words are located on the back of this newsletter and on our website each week. The words are taken from the story Frindle. Encourage your child to look for these words while reading Frindle and discuss their meanings in context.

    Reading/Language Homework

    EVERY night read for thirty minutes SET a timer!
    Review vocabulary & spelling nightly.

    Monday: Read chapter 1 Frindle & discuss with an adult
    Tuesday: Read chapter 2 Frindle and compare Mrs. Granger and Mrs. Smith using a venn diagram
    Wednesday: Read chapter 3 Frindle, Study for spelling Test
    Thursday: Review chapters 1-3 for Friday’s comprehension test.
    Weekly Testing schedule: Thursdays-Spelling test, Fridays- Reading and vocabulary tests

    Frindle Spelling & Vocabulary

    Thursday SPELLING test
    Friday Vocabulary Test

    Week 1 Chapters 1-3
    1. Crimson p. 4- deep red in color
    2. hesitate p. 15- to pause
    3. procedure p. 13- a method of doing something
    4. essential p.11- necessary or fundamental
    5. acquire p. 11- to gain or get as one’s own
    6. delight p. 2- to be highly pleased, rejoice
    7. liven p. 3- cheer
    8. jumble p.- mix of jump & tumble, to mix in a confused heap
    9. frantically p. 12-wild with excitement
    10. Glance p. 3, 15 – to take a quick look
    11. profound - deeply felt
    12. complex - two or more parts, complicated
    13. innocently - knowing no evil, not guilty
    14. properly p11- in the appropriate or correct manner
    15. unfortunate p. 15- unlucky
    16. monopoly. 6- exclusive control
    17. acquainted p. 13-to make familiar
    18. promptly p 4- punctual, on time
    Greek Roots
    19. graph- write
    20. biblio- book

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  • Homer week 3

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 5/4/2015

    Smith/Rouser’s Monday Memos 5/5/15

    Notes: We only have 11 ½ days left of Fourth Grade. We are so proud of our smart, creative, beautiful students this year. We have learned so much. The children have each touched our hearts in different ways. We are looking forward to our last days of learning together and will be focused on learning as much as possible in these last days so that our students will be the most prepared for 5th. Thank you for all of your support this year!


    Reading: Homer Chapters 19-27

    Homework: Read assigned chapters (even if read aloud in class) Tuesday night- chapters 19-23, Wednesday & Thursday night chapters 24-27. It is important to read this book aloud with your child because it has vocabulary and dialect we do not use in today’s society. Discuss each chapter as you enjoy the book together. Comp. & Vocab. Test Friday

    Homer Vocabulary Words Chapters 19-27 pages 104-154

    Doffs-to tip a hat (Ch 19)                                                            Grudgingly-unwillingly, reluctantly (Ch 20)

    Proximity-nearness in location, nearness in place (Ch 20)     Endeavor-to make an effort; to strive (Ch 20)

    Pungent-unpleasantly strong in smell (Ch 20)                          Exudes-radiates; obviously projects (Ch 20)

    Abide-put up with, endure (Ch 21)                                             Odiferous-strong smelling (Ch 22)

    Parasols-a lightweight umbrella used for sunshade (Ch 22)      Aeronautics-the science of flight (Ch 27)                       

    Dandified-excessively concerned about appearance (Ch27)    Suffice-enough (Ch 26)

    Indignity-disgraceful condition or action (Ch24)                       Tethered-to fasten or confine (Ch27)

    Emanations-feelings that are sent forth from a person (Ch 24)Dexterity-skill (Ch 24)

    Forbade-to command a person not to do something (Ch 25)    Fetid –stinky, bad smelling, stinking (Ch24)

    Trundles-moves in a wheeled vehicle such as a cart or wagon (Ch26)

    skeptics-people who doubt something or do not believe in it (Ch24)

    Discretion-careful in behavior, in a way that is not showy (Ch 23)


    Math:  Geometry/ Cumulative Review- Chapter 16, Geometry, will be reviewed. Skills taught during the year will be reviewed and practiced.

    ScienceMatter-Students will learn how heating and cooling cause physical changes and how rusting, tarnishing and burning are chemical changes. Friday- Science Matter Test

     Social Studies: Chapter 6- Civil War Unit -Students will learn why the Civil War started, how it ended, and how MS rejoined the United States. Current events in the Scholastic News magazine will be discussed.



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  • Homer Week 1

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 4/13/2015

    Smith/Rouser’s Monday Memos 4/13/15


    Reading: This week we are reading chapters 1-9 of The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg by Rodman Philbrick.  

    Homework: Read assigned chapters (even if read aloud in class) Monday night- chapters 1-2, Tuesday night –Ch 3-6, Wednesday & Thursday night chapters 7-9.  It is important to read this book aloud with your child because it has vocabulary and dialect we do not use in today’s society. Discuss each chapter as you enjoy the book together. Comp. & Vocab. Test Friday

    Vocabulary Words

    scalawag- (page 1) rascal

    perish-to die or be destroyed

    inflicted- (page 4) to cause suffering

    abide-(page 4)  put up with, endure, stand, tolerate

    magistrate- officer of the state or judge ch2

    prodigious- (page 8) an extraordinary amount, much of something, extremely large or great in size, amount, strength, extent, or the like;  enormous

    conscription-(page 10) enrollment of person into the military

    superiors- higher in rank

    valise-traveling bag ch3

    spindle-(page 17) a long stick that is tapered at the ends

    oblige-(page 21, 44)  to be accommodating , to do something out of kindness, to do a favor for

    boughs-branches of trees ch5

    trussed-secured tightly ch 6

    amply-(page 27) greatly; a lot; fully; generous in size

    bounty-a reward, ch7

    ails-to be unwell, ch 8

    subtle-difficult to understand; mysterious, ch8

    fugitive-a run away, ch9

    elixir- a magical liquid medicine


    Science: MATTER Students will learn what matter is and how it can be measured. Tuesday- Science Test-Ecosystems


    Social Studies:    From Territory to Statehood   Students will learn about MS statehood. Current events in the Scholastic News magazine will be read and discussed.


    Math: Solving Measurement and Data Problems Topic or Chapter 16

    Wednesday- Math Test- Chapter 15

    Lines, angles and shapes will be explored. Homework: Monday- Math review sheet, Tuesday- Math Chapter 15 review sheet, Thursday- Math workbook pages P16-1 and P 16-2



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  • CHarlie Week 4

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 4/7/2015

    Smith/Rouser’s Monday Memos 4/7/15

    Notes: We hope your Easter Break was wonderful! Let’s stay focused! We have a lot to learn this last nine weeks!

    Dates to Remember:

    April 8- Class pictures

    April 8- March of Dimes T-shirt order form and money are due.

    April 10- Spring Games at MAUE (5-7pm)

    April 16- Progress reports go home.

    April 17-Offense only Electronic Party

    April 23- Earth Day activities for Fourth grade

    April 24- Silly Socks!

    April 28-30 - Fourth grade End of Year PARCC tests

    Reading: This week we are reading chapters 22- 30 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We are excited to complete our literature journey with Charlie & the Chocolate Factory this week!
    Please send a bag of your child’s favorite chocolate or candy, we are going to have a taste of each this Friday! (No Nuts due to allergies) Next week, we will begin Homer P. Figg.

    Homework: Read assigned chapters (even if read aloud in class)
     Tuesday night- chapters 22-24 pages 102-117,
    Wednesday night –Ch 25-27 pages 117-141, &
    night chapters 28-30 pages 142-155. Comprehension and Vocabulary Test Friday

    Spelling & Vocabulary Words-

    gallantly- brave, spirited, or noble-minded
    rubbish- trash
    intently- showing great determination or attention
    - to move unsteadily
    tantrum-an outburst of bad temper
     violently- showing very strong force
    disturb- to interfere with
    hovering- to hang fluttering in the air
    hollow- having space inside
    petrified- to frighten or scare

    Writing: We will be writing descriptive writing pieces including fiction and non-fiction. We will be analyzing our writing and look for ways to improve our writing and make it more descriptive.

    Science: Ecosystems- Students will learn what food chains and food webs are. They will discuss some causes of change in food webs.

    Social Studies: From Territory to Statehood

    Students will study the events that lead to Mississippi becoming a state. Current events in the Scholastic News magazine will be read and discussed.

    Math: Solving Measurement and Data Problems

    Topic or Chapter 15- Students will solve problems involving line plots, perimeter and area. Problems involving measurement and money will also be solved. Homework: Tuesday- Math workbook page P15-3, Thursday- Math workbook page P15-5

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  • Charlie Week 2

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 3/16/2015

    Smith/Rouser’s Monday Memos


    Notes: PARCC Tests for 4th grade will be THIS Thursday & Friday and next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. PLEASE please please have your child go to bed early, eat a protein/low sugar breakfast, and encourage him/her to do his/her very best!


    Reading: For the next two weeks we are reading chapters 8-14 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

    Homework: Read assigned chapters (even if read aloud in class) Monday night-ch 8-10,Tuesday night –Ch 11-12 Wednesday & Thursday night GO TO BED EARLY!

    Vocabulary Only -We are NOT giving Spelling Tests until further notice due to testing. We will practice spelling in the context of our writing. Vocabulary test NEXT Friday 3/27


    ferociously p. 31-fierce                                                         pandemonium p. 53- wild uproar

    criticize p. 31- to find fault with                                           peculiar p 45-strange/different                     

    despicable p. 32- deserving to be despised                   procession p. 50- continuous forward movement

    stilettos p. 34- a slender pointed dagger                     clustered p. 44- grouped closely together

    precious p. 44- very valuable                                  envious p. 45- feeling jealous, showing envy

    sensation p 45 an indefinite bodily feeling

    corridor p. 60-a passage or hallway into which rooms open


    Math:  Measurement Units and Conversions Topic or Chapter 14

    Students will use and convert customary and metric units of length, capacity, and weight/mass.

    Homework: Monday- Math workbook page P14-1

    Tuesday- Math workbook pages P14-2 and P14-3

    Wednesday- Math workbook page P14-4 (odd problems)


    Social Studies:  Students will learn what life was like in the MS Territory. Current events in the Scholastic News magazine will be read and discussed.


    Science: Ecosystems Students will learn what living and nonliving parts make up an ecosystem. They will discover how plants get sunlight, water, and air; and how plants produce sugar.

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  • Charlie Week 1

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 3/2/2015

    Smith/Rouser NEWS 3-2-15

    Thank you for helping with our fundraiser! Please return all pledge money by Wednesday. Also thank you to all of you who sent venison, fruit, or supplies for our Mountain party. We had a wonderful time celebrating the completion of My Side of the Mountain!

    Dates to Remember

    March 4- Bank Day

    March 5- Super Kids kick-off

    March 9-13 - Spring Break

    March 19- Report Cards go home.

    March 24- Super Kids money is due.

    April 1- Jag Store for 4th grade (Easter items)

    April 3- Good Friday (No school)

    Reading: We are enjoying our new book; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We are reading the first 7 chapters this week. Our spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension tests will be on THURSDAY this week.

    Writing: We have many ongoing projects in class. Please be diligent in checking your child’s work. We must have high expectations for writing and NOT accept errors. Allowing errors reinforces bad habits that are hard to break. One thing we are working on is writing using detailed text evidence and avoiding vague writing or opinions.

    Science: Animals

    Students will engage in critical thinking activities related to the animals unit.

    Social Studies: From Territory to Statehood MS History

    Students will learn what life was like in the MS Territory. Current events in the Scholastic News magazine will be read and discussed.

    Math: Fractions and Decimals Topic or Chapter 13

    Students will review skills in their Common Core Standards Practice workbook.

    Tuesday- Chapter 13 math test

    Homework: Monday- Math review pages 358-359, Tuesday- Common Core Standards wb pages 38-39

    Thursday- Common Core Standards Practice wb pages 19-20

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Vocabulary and Spelling Chapters 1-7 Test March 5th

    1. Draft-a current of air (p. 5)

    2. Absurd-completely unreasonable or untrue (p. 10)

    3. Ridiculous-extremely silly or unreasonable (p. 27)

    4. Greedily-trying to grab more than one needs or more that one’s share (p. 6)

    5. Furnace-an enclosed structure in which heat is produced (p. 16)

    6. Revolting-disgusting, highly offensive(p.27)

    7. Nibble-a very small amount (p. 6)

    8. Colossal-very large (p. 12)

    9. Inventor-someone who creates products for the first time(p.9)

    10. Glisten-to shine with a soft reflected light (p. 21)

    11 Possession-the condition of having or owning something(p.31)

    12. Stammer-to speak with involuntary stops and much repeating (p. 18)

    13 Murmur-a low sound made when many people are speaking(p.26)

    14 Hooligan-a noisy, violent person who makes trouble (p. 22, 27)

    15. Scrumptious- very appetizing or delicious (p. 26)

    16. Repulsive-disgusting, causing strong distaste (p. 23)

    17 Anxious-afraid or nervous especially about what may happen(p.27)

    Latin Roots-Luna-moon Arbor-tree

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  • My Side of the Mountain Week 4

    Posted by Michelle Smith at 2/17/2015

    Smith/Rousers Newsletter 2-16-15

    Dates to Remember:

    February 16th Boosterthon Kickoff for Technology!! Get Pledges!

    Feb. 25- Fun Run for Technology!

    March 2- Read Across America Day  (Dress as your favorite book character.)

    March 4- Bank Day

    March 9-13  Spring Break

    What we are learning this week:

    Reading: We are finishing  My Side of the Mountain. We will have a cumulative test this Friday Skill: We are identifying figurative language found in our story. Please review the following terms and help your child identify figurative language found on each page.

    Similes  -comparisons using the words “like” or “as”.   

    Metaphors -is a phrase of words that makes a comparison between two unlike objects without using the words “like” or “as.”

    Personification- A figure of speech in which human characteristics are given to an animal/object. 

    Onomatopoeia - use of a word to describe/imitate a natural sound or the sound made by an object/action

    Idioms -An expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but that has a separate meaning of its own. Idioms say one thing and mean another & are not meant to be taken literally. 

    Hyperbole -An exaggeration that is so dramatic that no one would believe the statement is true. (EX:Tall tales)

    Writing: We are working on our autobiographies, research, & short stories during writing workshop. We are revising, editing, and publishing our stories for all to enjoy.

    Math: Fractions Topic or Chapter 13 Students will compare and write fractions as decimals, locate fractions and decimals on a number line, make equivalent fractions to convert to decimals, and use place value to represent decimals. Homework: Monday- Math review sheet,Tuesday- Tuesday- Math workbook P 13-4, Thursday- Math workbook page P 13-6  Wednesday- Chapter 13 math quiz (13.1-13.5)

    Science:  Animals Students will learn which behaviors animals inherit from their parents and which behaviors are learned. Students will complete research on a chosen animal.

    Social Studies:  Students will learn about the first European explorers and settlers that came to our state. Current events in the Scholastic News magazine will be read and discussed. DEFENSE ONLY Chapter 4 Mississippi History Test Friday- Study Guide attached


    Side of the Mountain Vocabulary & Spelling    Week 4 

    1. hover -(pg. 150) to float in the air

    2. astonished- (pg. 150) surprised

    3. citizen - (pg. 150) a person who legally belongs to a country

    4. damp- (pg. 151) slightly wet

    5. amateur- (pg. 152) a person who does something (such as a sport or hobby) for pleasure and not as a job

    6. sociable- (pg. 152) liking to be with and talk to other people

    7. dwelling -(pg. 156) a place where a person lives

    8. obtainable- (pg. 157) able to get

    9. concede-(pg. 159) to admit that you have been defeated and stop trying to win

    10. forum- (pg. 159) a meeting at which a subject can be discussed

    11. plunge- (pg 161) to fall or jump suddenly from a high place

    12. festivities- (pg. 162) enjoyable activities at the time of a holiday or other special occasion

    13. drowsy (pg. 163) tired and ready to fall asleep

    14. portable (pg. 163) easy to carry or move around

    15. brief- (pg. 165) lasting only a short amount of time

    16. dependent- (pg. 165) needing someone or something else for support, help, etc.

    17. accomplish- (pg. 166) to succeed in doing something

    18. permanent – (pg. 175) lasting for a very long time or forever : not temporary or changing

    19. decent- (pg. 176) good enough but not the best : adequate or acceptable

    20.neglect- (pg. 176) to fail to take care of or to give attention to (someone or something)


    Latin Roots-circum-around    Tri-three


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