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Library Mosaic  

Bobby Norfolk

  Storyteller Bobby Norfolk visited Madison Station Elementary on Thursday, January 22, 2015! It was a wonderful day! Thanks, Bobby!

 Bobby's folktales highlight character traits such as cooperation, self-esteem, honesty, responsibility and respect. This program is funded by Madison Station PTO Book Fair profits!
Thanks so much to all who support our annual Book Fairs!



 Cartoonist Mike Artell visits Madison Station

We can't wait!

 Tuesday, February 24, 2015!

Barnes & Noble will sell two of his books on the day of his visit!
Flyers will go home next week!  Cash or Checks made out to Barnes & Noble.


 Mike Artell, Cartoonist  


About Madison Station Elementary School Library

Madison Station Elementary School's library has more than 16,000 books, audio-visual materials and art prints available to supplement the classroom curriculum. Our six computer search stations have Internet access
Each class has a weekly check-out time. Mondays are First Grade Days and Thursdays are Second Grade Days. Kindergarten and Second Grade classes also come to the library during rotations on Tuesdays.
Kindergarteners enjoy library puppet friends, Milo & Susie, library puppy READ- O, Mr. Wiggle the Library Bookworm, Bonnie the Book Baby, our Library Cheer, plus songs, nursery rhymes, fairy tales and many other great stories during rotation time!
First Graders enjoy hearing Magnolia Award titles and other favorites tied in to curriculum!

Second Graders enjoy the Genre Song and jokes/riddles to begin their library rotation time! These are followed by Magnolia Award books and other great stories with curriculum connections!

What kind of berries make you smarter? Li-berries!
Which was the smartest dinosaur? Thesaurus-Rex!
What kind of book needs a shave? Diction-hairy!
 The Library Dragon pays a visit each school year and the Library Shelf Elf notices how the children care for books!
Students in K-2 may check out one book. Students in 3- may check out two books. Since the library is an extension of the classroom, library skills are integrated into the curriculum to provide authentic learning experiences.  
Books may be re-checked as many times as necessary, unless requested by another student. We do not charge overdue fines, but encourage the responsible use of library materials.
At the Library! (sung by Annie Boxell) Library Songs: Songs, Poems, and Riddles
Blue Ocean Books Productions, c2005.